Real, Usable, Useful, Omnomable Design

Please file this under bloody-fucking-brill.

Fewer dishes to wash. Recyclable as always (though some places won’t take pizza boxes). Easy to use. And I bet as close to 100% intuitive as you can get.

This is good design. Taking an everyday product and task and making it so much better it makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to think of this.

Love it. Would love to talk with the people who designed it. The design process I suspect is simple, but what was the spark; the moment someone said, “You know…”


  1. Matt says:

    Agreed – great design. I’ve seen similar reuses of pizza boxes (turning the lid into a plate) but this clearly takes it to a new level. And don’t forget the flexibility (whether intentional or not). Only need one slice? Separate the lid into four small plates. If you want to grab two slices at once (like some of us do), tear the lid in half, leaving two larger plates.

    Not flexible – the size of the storage container. Better plan on eating at least half the pizza before it goes in the fridge.

    They did a nice editing job on the video, too.

    Good find, Matto.

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