Speaking at Refresh Boston

I have been invited to speak at Refresh Boston by Patrick Haney.

We were talking recently about the possibility when I mentioned I wasn’t sure exactly what I would talk about, beyond “something related to usability.” I suggested letting Refresh attendees should choose so Patrick set up a survey where you can help drive what the discussion will be about.

I encourage you to fill out the survey. If nothing else to keep me from rambling on like a Senator with a hankerin’ for a good filibuster.

The exact date is forthcoming, but it will be likely the first week of February on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The exact day is something you can vote on in the survey, too.

My thanks to Patrick for inviting me to speak. I am looking forward to it and particularly looking forward to figuring out what I will be talking about. :)


  1. Matt Robin says:

    As I can’t attend the Boston event, will there be online footage of your filibustering antics?! ;)

  2. Matthew Oliphant says:

    I am thinking about ustreaming it. But seeing as how I will likely start talking at 00:30 your time…

  3. Matt Robin says:

    00:30… not a problem for me, and it would be worth it! ;)

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